Publications in Dissertation G.A. ten Hoor

Chapter 1
Ten Hoor GA, Plasqui G, Schols AMWJ, et al (2014). Combating adolescent obesity: an integrated physiological and psychological perspective. Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care, 17(6), 521.

Chapter 2
Ten Hoor GA, Plasqui G, Ruiter RAC, et al. (2016). A new direction in Psychology and Health: Resistance exercise training for obese children and adolescents. Psychology and Health, 31(1), 1-8.

Chapter 3
Ten Hoor GA, Kok G., Peters GJY, et al. (2017). The psychological effects of strength exercises in people who are overweight or obese: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Sports Medicine (47): 2069-2081.

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Chapter 4 (accepted version)
Ten Hoor GA, Plasqui G, Schols AMWJ, Kok G. (accepted version) A benefit of being heavier is being strong: a cross-sectional study in young adults. Sports Medicine Open 

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Chapter 5
Ten Hoor GA, Sleddens EFC., Kremers, SPJ, et al (2015). Aerobic and strength exercises for youngsters aged 12 to 15: what do parents think?. BMC public health, 15(1), 1.

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Chapter 6
Ten Hoor GA, Musch K, Meijer K, et al. (2016). Test-retest reproducability and validity of the back-leg-chest strength measurement. Isokinetics and Exercise Science (1). 1–8

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Chapter 7
Ten Hoor GA, Kok G, Rutten GM, et al (2016). The Dutch ‘Focus on Strength’intervention study protocol: programme design and production, implementation and evaluation plan. BMC public health, 16(1), 496.

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Chapter 8 
Ten Hoor GA, Rutten GM, Van Breukelen GJP, et al (Submitted). Strength exercises during physical education classes in high schools improve body composition: A cluster randomized controlled trial.

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Publications after dissertation

ten Hoor GA, Plasqui G, Schols AMWJ and Kok G (2017) Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of an Interdisciplinary Theory- and Evidence-Based Intervention to Prevent Childhood Obesity: Theoretical and Methodological Lessons Learned. Front. Public Health 5:352.

Ten Hoor GA, Plasqui G, Kok G, Schols AMWJ, Ruiter RAC, Kremers SPJ, Peters GJY, Vreugdenhil ACE (2020) Weight-status Related Differences in Reflective
and Impulsive Determinants of Physical Activity in Youngsters (8–18 years old). Health Psychology Bulletin 4(1), pp. 29–38. DOI:

Publications in Dutch
Ten Hoor GA (2015). Krachtinspanningen bij jongeren: de oplossing voor obesitas? VoedingNU, December nummer 2015.

Ten Hoor GA (2016). Geen duurtraining maar krachttraining? Oplossing voor overgewicht bij jongeren? Sportgericht, 70(3)

Ten Hoor GA (2017, 22 december) Jongeren en krachttraining: een gouden combinatie? 

Readhead L & Ten Hoor GA (2018, 31 januari) De kracht van kracht in de gymles op


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Teachers guidelines motivational intervention

Children’s handbook motivational intervention

Inspirational book strength exercises